Gas Leak Tester

A gas leak tester is a tool used to identify potentially dangerous leaks in industrial settings. These tools can help identify a range of gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). Identifying industrial gas leaks quickly is critical to reduce the potential for impactful emissions and environmental risks.

Leaks can occur from a number of different reasons such as corroded pipelines, faulty equipment or human error. Whether it’s an accident or just plain old neglect, any leak in a confined space should be treated as a safety hazard and all relevant precautions should be taken to ensure the protection of workers.

The most common method to detect a gas leak is the use of an odorant. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, so gas supply companies put in an additive called mercaptan that gives it a distinctive smell that can be detected when it is leaking. This is why any report of a gas odor should be investigated immediately as it could indicate that a leak has occurred.

Ensuring Safety: Exploring the Function of Gas Leak Testers

Other methods for detecting a gas leak include the use of search gases and pressure testing. A search gas is a volatile compound that will react with a certain type of gas and change its color or opacity. When used with a gas leak detection system, the test agent can be applied to the surface of a pipe or vessel to look for signs of a leak. This method also requires specialized test equipment such as a leak detector and a portable test vessel.

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